Order Tracking

Please allow a few days for your tracking number to be updated in the system.

If it states "Tracking number can't be found" after 5 days, please contact us and we will look into your order for you.

If there has been any update (e.g. shipping label created), this means that the parcel is ON THE WAY to your country. The next time your shipment will be updated is when it ARRIVES in your country.

(e.g. For customers sent by FedEx, if it states "Shipment information sent to FedEx", it means that your parcel is on its way)

  • If it has not arrived in your country within 12 days, please contact us with your order number and we will resolve your situation for you.
  • If your tracking shows that it has arrived in your country, it usually takes between 1-5 days to arrive at your shipping address.

For Australian / Canadian orders, your tracking will only be updated once it arrives in your country, which should take within 9 days after dispatch (Toll Courier / CA Post does not allow tracking before the parcel arrives in Australia / Canada).