Our Prevention Policy for Covid-19

As the situation with COVID-19 is continuously evolving, our utmost priority during these challenging times continues to be the safety of our co-workers, customers, and communities. All employees are provided with health insurance and are paid their full salary during this time. 

All orders are sanitized before dispatch, and couriers are required to wear gloves and sanitize before pickup. Dispatch areas will be disinfected after each shipment, and we have added additional sanitizing protocols on top of our regular cleaning services. We implemented social distancing measures, protective gear for all our staff, and requirements to wash hands regularly. 

Ecoden is not a cure or protection against viruses like COVID-19. However, proper sleep increases your immune system, and we believe good sleep is essential to recovery, as well as optimizing your overall health at any time. Supporting better sleep helps your body naturally increase its immune system and response mechanisms, all of which are essential for ongoing energy, wellness, and health. 

Get in touch with our customer support team if you have any further questions.

Please stay safe everyone. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all ❤️🙏