Do you own a smartphone? Are you reading this article through your handheld device? If you were to answer yes to one or both of these questions, you may be prone to having a “text neck”. Text neck is a position where your head is tilted forward, shoulders are rounded and your back slumped. Now, don’t stop reading or anything. But, it is time to fix your posture.

In this technologically advanced era, most people are reported to spend approximately five hours per day looking at their phones. We tend to check our phones constantly and without realising it, we are slaves to poor posture, and have to endure its consequences. This specific physical ailment tightens and constricts the muscle, tendon and ligament structures in front of the neck while simultaneously extending the muscle, tendon and ligament structures behind the neck.

If you were thinking of blaming your smartphones, don’t. The culprit here is not your phones, but it’s your head. The human head weighs 10 pounds, and for every extra inch your head is tilted forward, the neck has to endure double the weight. Moreover, when the neck is severely exploited, other parts of the body is affected as well. In this case, the neck is directly connected to the spine, as the spine stretches from your head down to your back. Hence, when one area bears substantial tension, the impact will be perceived in other regions correspondingly.

Even though the expression “text neck” specifies the neck, the early signs manifested from other regions. Some of these signs include pain in the upper back, decrease in mobility within the shoulder and neck region, stiffness and sharp pain along the neck. However, if you have been hunched over a screen for a long period of time, then it is highly plausible that you are suffering from this poor posture.

These signs should not be taken lightly and not be ignored. If it were to be ignored, these symptoms will only become worse. The pain will be more despairing and consistent. However, ditching your devices isn’t an option. Instead there are many things we can do ourselves to improve and maintain our neck’s natural curve.

One remedy that is proven to be useful is to exercise right. As your neck is exposed to the weight of your head, these muscles need to be trained and fortified to ensure less damage is suffered. Hence, exercises that strengthen and stretch your muscles may ease some of the lingering pain caused by text neck. Additionally, these exercises may also help develop stronger muscles which can decrease the likelihood of the poor posture’s consequences.

Another treatment that should be considered is to practice good habits. It may seem convenient and conventional to be immersed into our screens, however, as soon as you experience any discomfort or stiffness, you should adjust and alter your current position to prevent prolonged damage. If you have to continue looking at your screen, position it in a way that would eliminate the need to hunch over.

Lastly, the Ecoden® Bamboo Charcoal Pillow is designed to improve and maintain your natural neck curve while you sleep, which reduces and if used consistently, eliminates the struggles of text neck. It works for every sleeping position you can ever imagine. For those of you side sleepers, the pillow is equipped with a 61 degrees convex side panels which will snuggle your neck perfectly, leaving your neck no room for un-alignment. For those of you back sleepers, the pillow provides contoured design which cuddles your neck and minimizes neck strain while asleep. Additionally, it also comes with 70 degrees wedge extension which maintains and improves the natural curve of your neck.

For optimal results, all of these solutions should be implemented in your everyday lives. Exercising and practicing good habits will train and improve your posture throughout the day, while sleeping with the Ecoden® Bamboo Charcoal Pillow will rejuvenate and implement perfect posture throughout the night. Get your Ecoden® Bamboo Charcoal Pillow today while stocks last!

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How To Expand The Ecoden Pillow


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