Quality control has always been a top priority in the making of the Ecoden® pillow. To put your mind at ease, we perform multiple tests on all of our batches to uphold a high-quality standard for all our pillows. These tests are performed to assess the durability, pain relief management, and recovery time of Ecoden®'s memory foams. The batches will only reach your homes when they have passed all of the aforementioned tests. 

But, first of all, take a peak into the making of our pillows! For minimal to zero errors in processing the pillows, we employ industrial robots for smooth and reliable results :)


Confident in our pillows' durability, we offer a 3-year warranty on all purchased Ecoden® pillows. Such a warranty is only possible once your memory foam has passed the "foam fatigue test." 

What does it do?

The fatigue test determines the long-term behavior of the memory foam under constant mechanical stress. It aims to discover the relationship between the level of stress and the number of times it can be applied before causing failure. Hence, once a batch of memory foam has passed the test in compliance with the desired result, we can be confident that it will maintain its shape as minimum as three years.


More importantly, we designed the Ecoden® pillow to deliver you pain-free slumber. Confident in the result, we offer 30 days of free-trial policy. Ecoden® pillow is designed to improve your blood circulation, enabling even distribution of your weight, hence delivering better pain relief. We can control its pain relief ability through undergoing the "sponge rebound test."

What does it do?

The sponge rebound test produces a value that indicates the mechanical behavior of the foam. From a predetermined height, a steel ball is released onto the surface of the foam. The pain management quality can then be derived by looking at the rebound height of the steel ball. We strive to obtain a low rebound height for the desired level of comfort and pain management. 


Furthermore, the foam's recovery time is another significant component in maintaining the high quality of the Ecoden® pillow. It is crucial to test the elasticity of the foam for the comfort of your sleeping. This property can be easily tested through undergoing the "rebound time test."

What does it do?

The rebound time test evaluates four main components of the foam's viscoelastic properties. As the metal plate compresses the memory foam down, the foam's creep, relaxation, and force-dependent properties can be examined. The metal plate will hold its position for one minute before it releases its hold. When this happens, the equipment will then be able to test the final property, hysteresis. 

  • Creep: When applying a force, the foam continues to stretch and deform slowly.
  • Relaxation: If the foam is stretched/deformed, less pressure is needed to stretch the foam by the same amount.
  • Force-dependent: Applying a force slowly causes the foam to stretch more than applying the force quickly.
  • Hysteresis: The presence of a time lag between when the foam is stretched to its relaxed state. 

Once all tests are carried out and have generated positive results, all pillows are examined for any metal residue by a metal detector, packed and ready to be delivered to your doorstep!

We want the entire world to experience what stellar sleep feels like. 

Dreams begin with Ecoden. 💤

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How Low-Quality Memory Foam Affects Your Health


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